About Us

Our Story

TLDR: We love what we do :)

Tessel Technologies started out realizing the big pain point with digital products. Many applications just outright sucked. The ones that didn't either lacked in terms of design, or the use of technology. Tessel was built with a vision that a small tight-knit team of specialists can marry tech and design to build delightful products.

Making products that are useful and delightful is our business. Of course, it is easier said than done. Us having a rockstar ensemble of designers and developers as a cohesive unit surely helps.

Our Ethos

What is good Software?

At Tessel, we believe, good software isn’t just good quality code. There’s much more to it. It is the best mix of technology, humanities and business. And, we strive to build good software.
Good design lies at the intersection of the three.

What is design?

Design isn't just the way it looks or feels. It's the whole godd**n thing. The code, the speed or even the performance of our backend. Every detail. Period. "It's not how it looks, It's how it works". We at Tessel draw huge inspiration from Dieter Rams, who has built some amazing products. Here's his 10 principles of good Design Poster.
A radio designed by Dieter Rams for Braun. Functional. Aesthetic. Amazing.