UI, UX and Visual Design

Patels Inn

Club-Resort Membership Card

The Design

The client's tracking of members in the campus was manually checked from a simple membership-card. This was inefficient and error prone, thus leading to incorrect amount collection. We developed an automated system using QR codes on the cards. The design is such that the card sparks the feeling of a memorabilia and also serves the purpose of tracking members inside the Resort Club.

Buddy Link

An app for mental health

The Design

We developed the UI/UX for an American firm which was building a product for Mental Health. Since the App's ambit of services was extensive, we had to explain the features in a crisp and effective manner. We developed custom illustrations to convey the messages. Also, the overall design focussed of ease of use and not to overwhelm user with options.

Offers Lookup

A webapp for getting best prices across multiple ecommerce sites

The Design

We did extensive user research and arrived at several critical UI/UX elements to implement. The first focus was to explain the concept of the website within a jiffy, and help user to quickly dive into the products section. Then, the design needed to enable the user to select text alerts for multiple products in a single go. Some users had SMS DND enabled on their phone and hence the text messages would get blocked. We had to ensure to communicate that to the user.

Resort Manager

CRM and Internal Management tool

The Design

We spent a great deal of time simplyifying the complex registration and ticketing architecture of the client. The design of the product was such that, we had to future proof the software. The product was broken into modules that were decoupled from other modules. We reduced the time taken to get a membership card from 7 days to 2 minutes. Also, we had to design such it is highly improbable that errors could creep into the system because of human errors.