Fastest full-fledged website in the world 🌎

A case study of how we built the website for Skylark Technologies

The client is Skylark Information Technologies Private Limited, a top-tier IT Infrastructure company. A 100+ Crore revenue company with a presence in US, India & Singapore.

Mr. Kumar who is the CEO of Skylark reached out to us to rebuild the website. The requirements were to look, feel, perform, and do better than the competition.

⛳ The Purpose

The site served two main purposes. Serve the existing customers with useful information. Bring in lot of additional traffic from potential customers and help them discover Skylark’s services.

⚡ Why the Fastest?

“40% of traffic leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load”

For this, Skylark needed a top of the game SEO. Therefore we decided to focus on Web Vitals - which has become the core of the SEO game. The performance of the site now matters a lot for us to appear on 1st page of Google.

🦾 The Challenges

    There were several challenges involved in building this Site, namely

  • Building a better website than what the Industry giants have (especially with their huge teams).

  • Most of the sites that claim the fastest don't have 3rd party JS plugins - like Chat.

  • Neither do they have custom fonts, hero-section video, animations etc.

Why? Because they terribly slow down the performance. So almost all end up looking bland - and thereby not as useful in the business perspective.

⚒️ Our Approach

But, with Skylark, all these above mentioned challenges were overcome! That's why we call it a full-fledged site - just like a fully featured site with all the bells and whistles.

Lots of performance optimisations after conducting 100s of Lighthouse tests (Sorry, Google, for overworking your servers!). Every bit of code was optimized to ensure faster loading times. Better DOM tree structure, pure CSS based carousels and menubars. Pure CSS based animations etc.

The website:

🥤 Some Juicy Details

    Following are some stats and interesting innovations from the project

  • Desktop: 100 Score on Lighthouse (v8.4), and Time to Interactive 0.4-0.6 seconds (Page Speed Insights)

  • Mobile: 95 Score on Lighthouse (v8.4) and Time to Interactive at ~3s

  • Every part of the site is custom-coded to be super performant. No room for pre-built templates or libraries etc. I had to make do with the bare minimum of libraries. (Have future plans to even reduce this further!)

  • Git commit -> deploys to a CDN of 300+ servers across the world. And in less than 2 minutes

  • JSON -> HTML Page creation using custom-built templates in the build pipeline

And the best part? It was when we started receiving leads within days of the initial deployment (even though we are yet to optimize for SEO)!

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